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"Design My Fit" Online Coaching
by Roger Huynh

Allow me to design the lifestyle that enables you to achieve your goals. Using a healthy, longevity and balance focused approach to make success predictable.

Personalised Workout/Meal Plans

Personalised Plans made to achieve your fitness goals for 4, 8 or 12 weeks:

✅ Focused on muscle gain, strength or fat loss. Workout program or meal plan only or both combined.

Basic Monthly Coaching

My coaching will keep you supported and pushing through the tough parts of fitness each month:

✅ Personalised training programmes with videos on each exercise to ensure you are training the body effectively.

✅ Adjustable meal plans with calorie & macro nutrient breakdowns, that don’t leave you eating chicken and broccoli three times a day.

✅ Our in depth stretching and mobility guide to boost your recovery, improve posture and reduce pain.

Advanced Monthly Coaching

The Advanced Plan includes everything in the Basic Plan with additional ongoing support:

✅ 24/7 support available from me to answer questions and give specific advice.

✅ Weekly checkins via voice message to keep you accountable and adjust the programs or meal plans as needed.


✅ Access to a members only group and a loyal community who will help drive results and inspire commitment in you.

Team Roger Huynh Progress & Results


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